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Over 35 years ago, PCB Power was founded as A & C Electronics Inc. with a vision to serve small, medium, and large-scale enterprises with excellence in PCB manufacturing solutions. In 2019, as that vision came to a culmination, the company evolved into PCB Power, reflecting the new identity in conjunction with PCB Power India – a leading platform for comprehensive PCB Layout, PCB Fabrication, PCB Stencil, PCB Assembly, and Component Sourcing services. With every passing year, we have invested in improving, optimizing, and augmenting our technological, manufacturing, and processing capabilities delivering high-quality, high-mix, and small, medium, and production capacity solutions. We are PCB Power and we are delivering agile, robust, and high-fidelity PCB manufacturing solutions to electronics innovators in the United States.

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PCB Manufacturing

We Design and Manufacture

Experience the precision, agility, and excellence embedded in every process at PCB Power.

Our Expertise Across Industries

While we cater to small, medium, and large-scale enterprises across the board, our systems, processes, and technical credentials are optimized to serve a group of industries. Over the last three decades, we have built industrial partnerships propelling growth across these industries based as a printed circuit board manufacturer in the USA.
Aerospace & Defence
aerospace and defence
Industrial Electronics
Educational Institutes
Research & Development
Medical and Healthcare
Consumer Electronics
IoT Applications
Public Transportation
public transport
Renewable Energy
Students & Hobbyists
Tests, Measurement, and Calibration

Our Offerings

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Material in Stock

  • Glass Epoxy Laminate
    FR4 black Medium Tg & High Tg,
    FR4 Standard Tg,
    FR4 Medium Tg & FR 4 High Tg
  • High Frequency & Low Loss Laminate
    RT 4000 series, RT 5000 series, RT 6000 series & TMM

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Special Technologies

  • Flush Circuits
  • Switch Plates
  • Heat Sinks
  • Heavy Copper up to 6 Oz.
  • Blind/Buried/Plugged Via
  • Hardware Installation
  • Selective Gold

Multilayer pcb manufacturers in USA
Multilayer pcb manufacturers in USA

  • Single Side to 24 Layers
  • Minimum 5 Mil Line/Spacing
  • Board Thickness from 0.002 to 0.250 Inches
  • Minimum PTH Hole Size 8 Mil
  • Maximum Panel Size 18 inch * 24 Inch

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