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    The industrial electronics market is changing rapidly all over the world. With new and innovative industrial applications evolving rapidly, it is necessary to use advanced circuits and processes for achieving multidimensional functionality like human-machine interface on the one hand and precise movement control on the other. Advanced circuitry needs advanced printed circuit boards or PCBs for increasing the efficiency of their processes. USA based PCB manufacturer PCB Power Market offers various types of advanced boards for meeting the diverse and complicated application requirements of the industrial electronics field. Our PCB manufacturing and assembly services handle these intricacies with ease, not only withstanding extreme environmental conditions, but also providing anti-corrosion properties.

    PCBs for Extreme Conditions

    In industrial electronics, most high-powered applications use professional manufacturing and assembly services from PCB Power Market. Our PCBs offer lasting performance because of their reliability and sturdy nature. Our PCB assemblies have many electronic components on the boards, helping to control and operate mechanisms that various manufacturing factories and facilities use. Most of the boards and components must work for long hours, exposed to different industrial processes, and under unfriendly and extreme conditions.

    Therefore, we design and manufacture our printed circuit boards so that extreme industrial conditions will not affect them. As a result, our boards can safely withstand rough handling, machinery vibrations, extreme temperatures, and exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

    Application of PCBs in Industrial Electronics

    The industrial electronics field provides several challenging implications for professional PCB manufacturing and assembly. For instance, high current applications require heavy-duty copper PCBs; the solar energy sector uses PCBs for DC to AC power inverters; measuring equipment requires PCBs to measure and control variables like temperature and pressure; manufacturing industries require PCBs for control of drills and presses. The list of applications of PCBs in industrial electronics is almost unending.

    Our high quality PCBs and PCB assemblies form key components for meeting the demands of applications in respective industries. Industrial electronics organizations use our products widely for achieving maximum perfection and precision in their machinery and processes. PCB Power Market offers a variety of PCBs for use in the industrial electronics sector, including those meant for:

    • Copper-bonded thermal products
    • High Definition Interconnect
    • Multiple Layers
    • Heavy-Duty Copper
    • Controlled Impedance

    Copper Bonded Thermal Products

    Copper has a high electrical and thermal conductivity, meaning, it is a good conductor of electricity and heat. Therefore, designers use copper for heat management. For removing heat from a heat generating component, we use a double-layer PCB with several thermal vias under the component. These vias terminate in a copper plane on the other side, where a heat sink removes the excess heat to the surrounding air. Heat management helps to improve the reliability of the PCB assembly.

    Multiple Layers

    Realizing highly complex circuitry in a limited space requires use of boards with multiple layers. The presence of many layers allows the use of several channels for routing traces from one component to another. Layers also allow shielding of traces carrying sensitive signals from those carrying stronger signals. Layers help in reducing crosstalk between traces, and in general, help in realizing a smaller area of a board.

    Heavy Duty Copper

    The amount of current a copper trace can carry depends on its cross-sectional area. As the thickness of the copper layer is uniform, the designer can make a trace carry more current only by increasing its width. However, if this is not possible, the PCB designer can choose to use a board with thicker or heavy-duty copper. We provide boards with different thicknesses of copper.

    Controlled Impedance

    Industrial electronics often require boards with high speed circuits. To maintain signal integrity, we carefully control the impedance of the tracks carrying signals with high speed. For this, we select the dielectric properties of the substrate for low loss, and control their thickness to achieve the necessary impedance.

    Our PCBs go into various applications in industrial electronics. In general, these include:

    • Measuring Equipment
    • LED Lighting
    • Digital Meters
    • Fuse Monitoring
    • Transformers
    • Thermostats
    • Visual Signaling Devices
    • Power Monitoring
    • and many more

    Professional PCB Manufacturing

    USA based PCB manufacturer PCB Power Market provides professional grade PCBs for use in industrial applications. We manufacture our PCBs on state-of-the-art machinery using highly controlled processes. This allows us to manufacture very high quality boards with close tolerances.

    Our PCB manufacturing services can provide customers with their requirement of prototypes, small volumes, or large volumes for continuous production. Following is a brief outline of our capabilities:

    Fastest Lead Time 1 Working day
    Solder Types Leaded, lead-free, RoHS compliant
    Board Types Single, Double, Multiple Layers, HDI
    Board Dimensions Smallest: 0.25” x 0.25”
    Largest: 23” x 34”
    Board Shape Rectangular, Round, with Slots & Cutouts, Complex and Irregular
    Order Quantity Prototype to Production volumes, no MOQ
    Inspection X-Ray & AOI
    Fine Pitch Component Smallest size 8 Mil pitch
    Passive Component Smallest size 0201

    For further information, please call or email us.

    Reliable USA Based PCB Manufacturer

    PCB Power Market Market is one of the leading industrial electronics PCB manufacturers. We deliver our PCBs with optimum accuracy with the shortest possible turnaround times. Our several years of experience in this industry and the opportunity of working with various clients makes this possible.

    As a reliable and innovative PCB manufacturer in the USA, we serve the most significant industrial electronics sector in almost all their applications. Our team consisting of highly efficient personnel can help with any relevant query from our customers. We offer the best prices on prototypes, small volumes, and medium volume orders.

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