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    Technology, today, is more about possibilities than mere innovation. Innovation is creating something that doesn't exist yet, while possibilities are all the ways in which they can be presented. Smaller, finer, better and sometimes even more extensive.

    Over the years, in both innovation and exploring possibilities PCBs have played quite an integral role. Due to their varying physical characteristics, they can be found everywhere and anywhere. PCBs have made it possible to minimize electronic equipment to the tip of our fingers.

    Be it technological equipment, small or big, PCBs are used to mechanically support and electrically connect the components. As common as they are in our tech today, they are easily available from a wide range of PCB Manufacturers in the USA. PCB Design in USA is a multi-million dollar market with promising opportunities in multiple industries like computers, communications, electronics, automotive, military, aerospace etc. Emerging trends have a direct impact on the dynamics of the PCB Market in USA.

    While there are multiple USA-based PCB manufacturers that serve nationally and globally, there are but a few that offer what PCB Power Market has to offer.

    Among many other PCBs, we have the technological prowess to deliver world-class Single or Double-sided PCBs, Multilayered PCBs, High-Density Interconnected PCBs, High-Frequency & High-Speed PCBs etc. Our constant R & D has allowed us to meet the demands of several customers across businesses.

    While our organizational structure and a team driven by dedication set us apart from our competition in the USA PCB market, there are some offerings that are unique.

    We are based out of California and our prime focus has always been towards technology in this ever-dynamic market. We have an experience of over 35 years in the PCB industry and we have delivered turnkey, precise, high-mix & cost-effective PCB Manufacturing services to small, medium and large-scale businesses.

    We have laid our focus on innovation, innovative manufacturing solutions and versatile deliverables and ultimately pushed the bar of quality beyond what the industry offers today. Whatever it is that the consumer seeks, be it small, medium, large or prototype, we deliver it with finesse and a production capacity that is unparalleled.

    When it comes to quality, our certifications and approvals say it all. We hold:

    • UL Safety Certified Products
    • RoHS Compliant Solutions
    • IPC Membership
    • ISO Certification
    • ITAR Certification

    Apart from these certifications, there are some factors that give our existing and prospective clients/ customers an inclination towards us when it comes to satisfying their PCB needs. Let us guide you through them.

    No Minimum Order Quantity

    Be it one PCB or be it many, we will deliver without any compromise whatsoever. You decide the quantity and expect the good standards and we are here to deliver something similar to your expectations.

    We proudly call this our USP because no other PCB Manufacturer in the USA promises minimum order with absolutely no other conditions applied.

    Instant Quote & Online Calculator

    On our website usa.pcbpower.com we have an instant quote calculator that makes your buying process simpler. Just add all the relevant details for your order, customize it according to your needs and get an instant quote from PCB Power Market. We make it simple and convenient whilst keeping transparency alive at the centre of it all.

    Timely Delivery

    We understand the value of time, both ours and yours. Hence when you make an inquiry for a quote on our online calculator we ask you for the delivery time. We make it a point to deliver within that time frame. Our team and our system are optimized for timely delivery.

    Experience Of Working With Multiple Industries

    Our systems, processes and technical expertise has helped us cater to small, medium and large-scale enterprises across multiple industries. We have been at the helm to develop industrial partnerships to be an integral part of their growth stories.

    We cater to multiple industries like:

    • Aerospace & Defence
    • Industrial Electronics
    • Educational Institutes
    • Research & Development
    • Telecommunication
    • Medical & Healthcare
    • Automotive
    • Consumer Electronics
    • IoT Applications
    • Public Transportations
    • Renewable Energy
    • Educational Institutes
    • Testing, Measurement & Calibration

    The Promise Of Customer Success

    We pay attention to transparency and hence we believe in being true to what we say and commit. Right from the point where you make the purchase to the point when we deliver your PCB, our team is there to support you at each stage and answer all your questions related to your order. Whatever your concerns are, our support executive will be ready to help.

    Uncompromised Quality

    To ensure premium quality for our customers we have strived to get certifications from various agencies and bodies. We wish that your operations never come to a standstill and that there is no flaw in your manufacturing or development process and for the same, our PCBs have to be in the best of shape.

    Along with the above-listed USPs, we bring our expertise in manufacturing in line with your inherent needs. We always believe that we have to be at the peak of our game in order to deliver PCBs that live up to your expectations.

    Being in the industry for more than 35 years, we have constantly upgraded & challenged ourselves at each point. So, if you need the best-in-grade PCBs then we’re here to deliver the finest.

    Reach us at: service@pcbpower.com or give us a call on +1(818) 886 8900

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