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Precision Aerospace PCB Assembly by Top PCB Manufacturers in the USA


    In today's landscape, the aerospace industry stands as a pivotal arena for pioneering innovation and progress. Given the escalating demands in electronic manufacturing and layout solutions, we have positioned ourselves as PCB Manufacturers, catering to the unique requirements of the aerospace sector, addressing the intricate needs of this dynamic industry.

    Within the realm of aerospace manufacturing, where stringent quality standards are imperative, precision becomes paramount. The electronics used in aerospace applications must endure harsh environmental conditions, coupled with the challenge of being thousands of feet in the air, making repairs unfeasible. This underscores the critical importance of precision in aerospace PCB assembly for mission-critical applications.

    At PCB Power, we possess the requisite proficiency to provide advanced assembly technology and multi-layered quick-turn prototypes as well as production volume. Our capabilities encompass the manufacturing of single and double-sided PCBs, as well as intricate multilayer PCBs featuring critical layouts. We also comply with the high industry standards, including ITAR regulations to meet the stringent regulatory standards set forth for the secure handling of defense-related articles and services.

    Applications of PCB Assembly in Aerospace industry

    As a prominent provider of aerospace PCB engineering services and solutions, we extend a diverse range of space-approved electronic solutions, aerospace PCB assemblies, and prototypes for various applications:

    • Microwave and signal processing systems 
    • Satellite equipment for advanced functionalities
    • Applications for ground stations with diverse uses
    • Systems for passive detection with enhanced capabilities
    • Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) systems
    • Instrumentation for electronic flight management
    • Central Air Data Computers (CADC) for comprehensive data analysis
    • Solutions addressing traffic alerting, collision avoidance, and remotely piloted armed aircraft

    Why Choose our PCB Assembly service for Aerospace applications?

    Our aerospace PCB assemblies offer several key benefits tailored to meet the specific demands of the industry:

    Enduring Extreme Conditions: Our PCBs are manufactured to withstand the rigours of outer space, utilizing high-temperature laminates, copper, and aluminium substrates. Thermal compounds play a crucial role in insulating heat and aiding in efficient thermal dissipation.

    Absorbing Impact: Innovative design features secure components in place, coupled with the application of thermal compounds to cushion against fluctuations. This ensures our PCBs effectively absorb shocks, contributing to overall system resilience.

    Mitigating Radiation Risk: Employing specialized materials and strategically reducing component sizes, we can actively address the potential risks of radiation in aerospace applications.

    Optimizing Radio Frequency Performance: Our approach involves strategic PCB shielding and minimizing transmission line lengths, guaranteeing the seamless transmission of signals without any degradation. This meticulous optimization ensures reliable radio frequency performance in every application.

    PCB Power remains dedicated to providing aerospace PCB assemblies that align with high industry standards, ensuring reliability, precision, and resilience in the face of challenging aerospace environments.

    For assistance with your customized aerospace PCB assembly requirements, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact our team at service@pcbpower.com or by phone at +1(818) 886 8900. We look forward to serving your needs!

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