Certificates And Standardization

While serving the electronics ecosystem in the United States, we have set, measured, and augmented revered quality assurance, compliance, and sustainability standards that match global benchmarks and the core needs of our customers.

UL Certified Products

Some of our most demanded, impacting, and frequently reordered products carry a UL certification. UL Certificates are issued by the global authority on safety standards, UL LLC, which has a presence in over 46 countries. All the certified products have been through a rigorous testing process and benchmarked for their consistent quality. We invite you to inquire about our UL Certified products by getting in touch with our team.

RoHS Certified Process

Many of the offerings under the PCB Power umbrella are backed by the RoHS Certification that meets the hazardous substance usage limits as defined by the European Union. This ensures that all our products, offerings, and solutions have only the permissible limit as defined by the RoHS compliance benchmarks for substances like lead, mercury, and cadmium.

Institute of Printed Circuits Membership

Institute of Printed Circuits is the only global organization dedicated to the printed circuit boards ecosystem within the larger electronics market. The Institute is known as the highest authority on professional standards, human capital performance, and quality assurance principles for delivering value across manufacturing, distribution, sales, and service functions. As one of the proud members of the Institute, PCB Power upholds the value system pushed by the Institute, its professional body, and its initiatives.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001:2015 is an industry-agnostic certificate issued by the International Standards Organization.

The certificate communicates a company's capability to develop, deploy, and improve quality assurance systems and processes that ensure customer satisfaction and compliance to the legal requirements simultaneously.

As one of the recipients of the ISO 9001:2015 certification, we have deployed robust quality assurance systems at scale.

International Traffic in Arms Regulation Compliant

PCB Power has been one of the preferred members of the United States defense and space ecosystem.

We comply with the standards set in the United States Munitions List, further expanded with the International Traffic in Arms Regulation.

Our ITAR compliance has helped us serve some of the most effective defense and research projects in the United States.

IPC-6012 Certified Process

Accredited by American National Standards Institute (ANSI), IPC-6012 is recognised as a global standard for Quality and Performance Specification of Rigid Printed Circuit Boards.IPC standards are the most recognized acceptability codes in the electronics industry.

As one of the recipients of IPC-6012 certification, we commit to offer consistent quality and reliable printed circuit boards that meet global standards.

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Approval Letter - DD2345

This approval is immensely important as it provides access to all US or Canadian technical data required for product design, development confirms.

The Military Critical Technical Data Agreement (DD2345) is a form required for enrollment in the Joint (JCP) Certification Program. The JCP allows defense contractors in the US and Canada to apply for unclassified, export-controlled US access. Department of Defense (DoD) or Critical Technology or Specifications from the Canadian Department of Defense (DND).

Unclassified technical data includes military or space application data, associated blueprints, drawings, software, and more. It also covers any technical information that can be used to design, manufacture or repair military or space technology.

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