How To Use PCB Power Market’s PCB Price Calculator And Its Salient Features?

    Transparency in today's world is kind of a lost concept, isn't it?

    Costs, both mentioned and hidden, delivery periods, quality and quantity are all the factors that need to be considered while manufacturing electronics. But when it comes to a core component of your 'redefining' tech, these factors don't just need to be taken into consideration but emphasized upon. PCB Manufacturers have to be at the forefront and address all these factors in order to ensure efficiency of operations.

    In today's fast paced world, what customers need from vendors is clarity and swiftness. Be it any industry, an all-hands-on dynamic approach is what drives an organization to success. As PCB manufacturers in USA, we believe that our service play a rather significant role in development of your tech. Hence, precision is what we always pursue, quality is what we ensure and no-minimum order quantity is what we guarantee.

    Having said that; what is it that we, at PCB Power Market, do to make PCB buying a worthwhile experience for you?

    • Specialized Circuit Designs
    • Quicker turn-around time
    • Cost-effective solutions
    • Exotic Materials
    • Built in the US

    When you click on Instant Quote Button, you're redirected to our price calculator. This is where you input all the details for your PCB Order­­­. The said calculator is so precise and detailed that it captures your requirements accurately.

    Take a closer look.

    From quantity to delivery time, and from PCB size to number of layers, the calculator asks for each and every detail which helps us precisely manufacture PCBs that come out just the way you want them to be.

    Being precise reduces the margin of errors and ultimately reduces the turn-around-time of the final product.

    Why Do We Have The Calculator Functionality On Our Website?

    Not only does it make the entire process transparent,but it also makes your lives easier by providing a quote anytime and anywhere so that you can place your order at your convenience.

    But if we were to talk about some salient features that stand out from the rest, then they would be:

    • You can customize your PCB and get a quote without logging in.
    • You can decide your turnaround time.
    • You can upload your gerber file and place your order.
    • There is no minimum order. Want to prototype? We got you covered.

    Some more details we ask for include:

    • Choice of Material & Solder Mask
    • Board Thickness
    • Surface Finish
    • Material TG
    • Finish Cu Thickness
    • Inner Cu Thickness

    Besides these factors, our skilled-team fulfills the rest and ensures that it’s all ship shape.

    We believe that when dealing with your vendor becomes easier, the flow of your operations is smoother. Our online calculator serves its purpose to such an extent that our customers can sit back while we deliver their order of PCBs customized to their needs.

    When it all becomes easier, there’s a certain satisfaction. If you were to ask us what drives us, it’s a better outcome of your process of innovation.

    There are factors like these that clearly help us stand apart in the industry. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website and place your order now.

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