Key Questions To Ask A PCB Manufacturer

    When it comes to selecting your go-to option for PCBs, you must be certain in every way. When you examine the makers and manufacturers, you will notice that not all of them perform at the same level.

    So, how do you go about selecting a PCB Manufacturer? The solution is to ask questions. These will not only reinforce your decision-making process, but it can also change your perspective and teach you something new.

    While there are numerous questions to ask, there are a few that will allow your design and engineering team to move past some tedious issues. The most common questions that should be asked of those in charge is about their experience and the types of boards they create. These questions serve as the foundation for a slew of others, allowing you to get a sense of their versatility.

    The Questions You Should Ask A PCB Manufacturer

    How Long Have You Been In The Business?

    When the industry is so dynamic and at the heart of almost everything, a deeper understanding is required. This understanding comes from experience and competence

    What Kind Of PCB Boards Do You Manufacture And Which Industries Have You Catered To?

    It is necessary to understand what types of boards the manufacturer has produced to date and where their expertise lies.The information about the industries they serve will tell you more about how they work and will reinforce your trust in them.

    Some things PCB manufacturers should be upfront about:

    • Precision in Manufacturing
    • On-time Delivery
    • Adaptive Manufacturing Process
    • Turnaround time to complete a project
    • Their Experience working with Various Industries

    Does Your Quality Meet With The Global Standards?

    Certifications and accreditations are the foundation of better processes and essential to ensure consistent quality.

    PCB Power Market currently has-

    • UL Certified process
    • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
    • International Traffic in Arms Regulation Compliant
    • IPC-6012 Certified Process

    Which Test Do You Conduct To Measure Performance & Efficiency Of Your PCBs?

    Every board that is delivered to the customer needs to be inspected thoroughly in the domain of electrical parameters. Parameters such as short circuit & open circuit are inspected through Flying Probe Test to ensure all the boards are Electrically okay.

    What Makes Your Manufacturing Practice Unique?

    When it comes to manufacturing,PCB Power Market offers

    • Exotic materials
    • High Frequency Circuits
    • Microwave/ RF Circuits
    • Heavy Copper PCBs
    • Flush Circuits
    • Selective Gold

    Our PCB are built in our United States facility and some of the most unique factors are:

    • NO Minimum Order Quantity,
    • Quicker Turnaround Time
    • Specialized Circuit Designs

    What Are Your Technical Capabilities?

    This is where the true strength emerges. To meet today's industry standards, you must have technical capabilities that stand out.

    If you wish to understand our technical capabilities, send over your design files and we can do a free DFM check for you.

    The above-mentioned questions will help you make an informed decision as to which PCB Manufacturer in USA you must choose.

    We, at PCB Power Market, have an experience of over 35 years and have served small, medium and large-scale enterprises with excellence at the centre of it all.

    In our extensive experience we have worked with multiple organizations across multiple industries and domains.

    We have catered to:

    • Aerospace & Defence
    • Industrial Electronics
    • Educational Institutes
    • Research & Development
    • Telecommunication
    • Medicine & Healthcare
    • Automotive
    • Consumer Elecronics
    • IoT Applications
    • Public Transport
    • Renewable Energy etc.

    At PCB Power Market we have made certain that our offerings remain versatile. We provide PCB Fabrication to our customers with up to 24 layers.

    For a flawless approach to our operations, we have systematically structured our manufacturing platform, which is agile and driven by precision, to support exotic base materials, allowing for customizations.

    Finally, we urge you to make an informed decision when it comes to selecting quality.

    We're standing by to assist you. Visit us at usa.pcbpower.com and enquire NOW!

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